Sounding intelligent doesn’t makes you intelligent; research well before pushing an agenda – Captain Smart told

A former student of the University of Cape Coast, Stephen Appiah, has responded to Captain Smart’s exposé that the Vice Presidential Candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has written to the University of Cape Coast(UCC) to renew her contract as a lecturer of the University.

According to the Broadcast journalist, although the former Vice Chancellor for the University of Cape Coast has ended her part-time contract with the University, she received her salary for the month of August and September and never worked during those months.

To Captain Smart, it is shocking that a woman who has been appointed as a running mate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will write to the University to renew her teaching contr act.

But Captain Smart has been told to research well before pushing an agenda. Below is the full statement from the UCC Alumni to Captain Smart.

“Before we tackle the issue itself let’s be guided by these … The appointment of lectures at university of Cape Coast is subject to periodic renewal ( depending on your publications made ) and prior notice will be given to each lecturer to re-apply for consideration. ( per the University of Cape Coast Statute.”

“One can be a lecturer and be a government appointee as in the case of Dr. mustapha Hamid who still a lecturer at the religion department and can still have access to his office as and when he comes to the department but needs to apply for secondment ( i.e the temporary transfer of an official or worker to another position or employment) this letter must be served to the university six months upon your declaration as of intent into active politics as in the case of Lawyer Arthur & Dr. Mustapha Hamid. Application for secondment means you will take a monthly salary as a lecturer per your rank and not a government appointee but receive allowances from your appointment. Immediately the appointment ends you can return back to the institution as a lecturer thus if your employer- employee contract is still valid.”

“The ministry of education sent a circular to public universities that all lectures who are pension due and qualify for contract only if yo fall within these rank( senior Lecturers i.e 60-65 and Professors thus within the ages of 60-70) for contract can apply for consideration subject to good health status and the covering letter of your head of department.”

“Being a vice presidential candidate doesn’t mean you hold an office …. you’re just an aspirant just like a professor vying for an electoral position if you win you can decide to maintain the letter of secondment or terminate it. If you terminate your contract as a lecturer due declaration of intent to involve in active politics you cannot resume as a lecturer when you loose or your appointment lapses as in the case of Prof. Pobi (former minister of State) who was a lecturer at Ucc but terminated his secondment on a second appointment by the John Agyekum Kufuor led government.”

“With the issue of the Vice Presidential candidate if her Employer (the university) haven’t terminated her contract as a lecturer. Then she’s still eligible to apply for a contract or can continue to occupy the office of a lecturer and earn dueful wages per her rank as a lecturer if her contract hasn’t lapsed.”

“She can apply for secondment if she becomes the Vice President or nullify the contract.”

Sounding intelligent doesn’t makes you intelligent. If you want to push an agenda, you research well before pushing it.

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