Stephen Curry is a professional Basketball player.

Stephen Curry is a professional Basketball player. He is very famous because of his hard-working attitude toward his profession. He currently plays for ‘Golden State Warriors’ in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He is one of the best shooters in NBA history and plays as a point guard.

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You might have heard of Stephen Curry but you do not know much about his Persian life, Net worth, family and so much more. If you really want to know more about the famed Basketball player, then you are at the play.

Personal Life

Nothing was heard of Stephen Curry having a girlfriend during his High school days. He is married to Ayesha Alexander who’s a native of Charlotte. Ayesha, according to reports, was his long time girlfriend and the couple dated for a very long time before they finally decided to settle down as husband and wife. The couple have developed great commitment to their relationship and it seems they understand each other very well. They are blessed with two daughters. Stephen Curry was born 14th March, 1988. He’s 33 years. 


Stephen Curry started his basketball career at Davidson College where he played basketball. He made his debut against Eastern Michigan and was the second huggers scorer that particular year. He led Davidson Wildcats to their first NCAA tournament in 1969.

During his days in high school, Stephen Curry was Davidson’s all-time leading scorer. He was also the leading scorer during the NCAA tournament. Stephen Curry left Davidson College before he was able to complete his second year and pursue his basketball dream. He was picked by ‘Golden Star Warriors’.

Stpenen Curry started proving his worth immediately he was signed by ‘Golden Star Warriors’ by breaking records as a rookie and shooting the highest number of three-pointers. The only impediment that kept him on and off the court was repeated injuries. He had two bad seasons that almost ruined his career. 

But he bounced back and recovered fully from his ankle injury before starting his 2012-13 NBA season. He has since been on top form for his team and played well alongside his team mates such as Klay Thompson who made it possible for him to score the record-breaking three-pointers in a season. The next season saw Stephen Curry making first All-Star appearance for the West.

In 2015, Stephen Curry carried his team ‘Golden Star Warriors’ to win their first NBA title since 1975 and was named the most valuable player of the season. Stephen Curry broke many records the following year despite suffering from injuries. He led his team to a number of finals but failed to win the championship. He has since become the household in Basketball as he is loved by many. He is the first player in history to be selected as the ‘most valuable player’ unanimously.

Net Worth And Salary of Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s Net Worth is estimated to be $100 million as of this year. He makes his money from his profession as a basketball player. His annual salary from Basketball is approximated to be $40 million.

Stephen Curry who is born to a family of athletes can attribute his success to his dent of hard work and dedication to the basketball game. He has achieved so much in his field of profession. He is currently one of the best players in the world of NBA. He is currently living in Alamo, California, with his beautiful wife and two daughters.