The Domestic Timber market cleaned: TIDD of the Forestry Commission clamps down on illegal timber trade to enhance FLEGT-VPA

The Forestry Commission is making strides in its bid to reduce the illegal activities of some foreigners as well as locals aiding in the exploitation of our Forest reserves without paying a dime to government or the Timber Industry Development Division which has the oversight authority of seeing to the proper documentation for medium and large scale timber exporters in the attainment of a sustainable environment.

The Timber Industry Development Division (TIDD) of the Forestry Commission led by the Area Manager, Mr Kofi Abban, has in collaboration with the National Forestry Commission Taskforce, confiscated 43 trucks loaded with illegal lumber in the Ahafo Region.

This is believed to be part of measures put in place to reduce illegal activities in the timber industry.

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Out of the forty-three trucks that were confiscated, twenty-three belonged to illegal chain saw operators, while the remaining 20 trucks were hired to evacuate lumber sawed at various illegal sawmills.

Altogether, the TIDD has been able to grab more than 40,000 pieces of illegal sawn lumber and realized GH 350,000 from the sale of some of the confiscated lumber. To this, more than 400 timber logs have been seized from illegal timber operators.

Also, upon further investigations, it has been revealed that more timber logs belonging to illegal operators are ready to be evacuated from various forest reserves.

Commenting on the issue, the National Forestry Commission Taskforce Coordinator, Mr George Osei, said, his outfit will see to the prosecution of the arrested persons to serve as a lesson to others who are into or about to start illegal logging.

Source: The Public Relations Unit of the Timber Industry Development Division Headquarters (Takoradi)

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