March 21, 2023

Talented movie Actor, Yaw Stephen Mawunyo, has revealed what actually caught his attention about his wife that made him propose to her.

We love or are loved by others due to some traits or characteristics we see in our loved ones. Some are attracted by the hair color of their lovers, others are attracted by the breast, waist, or mouth size of their lovers and so much more. The beautiful smiles of others, get them their life partners as well.

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If one should ask what attracted you or your lover to accept your love proposal, what will be your answer.

Well, in the case of Oteele, the hairs on the waist and neck of her wife captured his attention and that alone turned him on which resulted in him proposing to her.

According to Oteele, he met his wife on set when they were about act on a movie.

He added that he started on a friendly and jovial manner with his wife, Nana Gifty before proposing to her.

The Kumawood actor revealed it took him three solid months before his wife finally accepted to his proposal.

Watch the VIDEO BELOW 

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