December 10, 2023

There are so many ways people will try to get into your WhatsApp account if you do not take proper measures to help secure your account from these threats.

WhatsApp adds a feature two-step verification which helps to protect your account from scammers. In this instance, an additional code of six digits will be required when logging into your account.

After registering for the two-step verification, you can add your email address to restore your account when you find it difficult to log into your account because you have forgotten your password. So in any case where you do not remember your password you can request a reset link through your email.

The two-step verification is important because it adds a second layer of security to your WhatsApp account. However, a sim swapping incident can still give hackers an opportunity to access your account. Criminals are able to steal your phone numbers by assigning it to a new sim card. This can happen when they have your private information.

Immediately they get hold of your number, they may have the chance to scam unsuspecting people. They may be able to log into some of your social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook or Instagram to perpetuate their acts.

The two-step verification will prevent them from logging into your WhatsApp account but what if they are able to reset the link?

If they find the solution of getting your recovery email address you have given to help restore your account anytime you forget and then figure out you have used your phone number as recovery password, then you’re going to have a difficult moment. Even without getting to know your recovery password and a whole lot more and they get to know of the email address you have set up to reset the link anytime you forget your password, you’re doomed. They will be able to reset the link and use your WhatsApp account.

What is the best way to secure your account? Do not use your phone number when you configure the two-step verification for your email address, but you should use authentication apps. There are so many apps you can use to generate token authentication codes. Below are some of the authentication applications:

Google Authenticator:  This is an app that will assist you in getting verified on your google accounts and allows you to use your phone to confirm your identity before accessing your accounts and in this case your information is protected. 

1Password: it is not a simple authentication app but it gives you more features to save your identity from hackers.

Authy: This is a good security app that can be used to generate a six-digit code, which you enter during Two-Factor Authentication after you submit your name and password. It can also be used on multiple devices and your Two-Factor Authentication sync with any new device you authorize for the app to work on. It is one of the best authentication apps and you can give it a try.

We have discussed how you can safeguard your WhatsApp account from hackers by using The Two-step verification which provides a second layer of security to you. But you can go a step further and use any of the authentication apps I have listed above to give you enough security

Thank you for your time in reading this piece.