Urgent information from GES to SHS Head teachers; form 1 & 2 students

The Ghana Education Service (GES) has sent out an urgent information to both Head Teachers of second cycle institutions in Ghana and all to all form one and two student’s.

In a release statement, GES has indicated that students, staff, parents and the public are to note that, the Senior High School calendar has not been changed as being speculated on social media.

The Ghana Education Service also stated that Senior High School form one Gold students resumed school yesterday, 11th October, 2021, and Form two Gold students are expected to resume on 30th October, 2021, as indicated on the calendar.

The Management of Ghana Education Service (GES) added that, heads of second cycle institutions are to stick to calendar circulated on 30th June, 2021, and circulate same to students, staff, and the public.