Much to the relief of the doubters, celebrity fetish priestess Patricia Asieduaa known best as Nana Agradaa has confirmed that she possesses no supernatural power to make someone rich.

Nana Agradaa revealed that she cunningly lures people on television with some cosmetic show of power which entices many to troop to his shrine for monetary assistance.

Speaking to actor Kwaku Manu in an exclusive interview, the president of all scammers said she has no power to make anyone rich thus those who run to her for help do so at their own risk. She confidently added that she is very clever at duping people and she does that very well.

Speaking about the ‘sika gari” charm which she professes on television by doubling money, Nana Agradaa said it is all lie since she actually does not have the power to double the money.

So, if you want to be rich in a twinkle of an eye look out for other options than running to Nana Agradaa to double your money for you. You can also donate it to us at so we can use it for charitable services.

Watch the video below:


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