We don’t have the human resource for 88 new district hospitals – GMA

The Ghana Medical Association has said it does not have the human resource needed for the 88 new district hospitals President Akufo-Addo announced to build in six months time.

President Akufo-Addo in his 8th address to the nation said, his administration is going to build 88 new district hospitals to see to the health problems of Ghanaians in deprived communities.

Reacting to the President’s speech, the GMA noted that the number of medical students in training are not enough.

Adding, the students need to go through a scheduled training to come out well equipped.

In a radio interview today Deputy Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Titus Beyuo asked government to prepare the human resource to offer services in the district hospitals intended to be constructed.

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“The structure cannot deliver any service except you have the requisite human resource. Also, whilst we can build a structure in 12 months or even a week as we saw in China, Wuhan you cannot do the same as the human resource. The skilled labour is very difficult to come by, it takes us on the average 3-4 years to produce a specialist whose regular medical education is 6-7 years”.

Explaining further, he stated “So, you may achieve building your facility in 12 months but you need at least 3-4 years to get one specialist produced. So, it means if you have that foresight, then the production of specialists must also be engineered immediately”.

Source: Nana Kwame/Smartandstuck.com


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