Are you fed up with typing longessages on WhatsApp? Typing lengthy messages on WhatsApp can be very tiring and tedious especially when you’re in the middle of serving customers in the Bank, Restaurants, Coffee shop etc.

However, there are simple steps you need to follow to get yourself out of this trauma as you can send a bunch of messages without even typing them yourself on the messaging app. All you need to do is to ask the virtual assistant to send a WhaysApp and then you’re good to have the freedom of spending more time off your phone’s screen.

Android users can use Google Assistant to send messages, while iOS users can send WhatsApp messages using Siri. This option is the best to send messages on the messaging platform when you’re on a tight schedule but there is an urgency for you to send out messages.

It is that simple. After commanding Google Assistant to send your messages for you on WhatsApp, you can also request the Assistant to read out your messages on WhatsApp or you. But, you have to give permission first by giving access to your phone’s notifications.

Google will then display a message which reads “to hear your messages, calendar events, music, news, photos, shortcuts stocks, face match” and other important information. One thing which you’ll love in using the application is that you can always change this in the settings. All you have to do when you no longer need the services of Google Assistant is to go to the Notifications section in the settings and disable access for Google.

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Now, let’s delve more into steps you need to follow to be able to allow Google Assistant do youressagomg for you on WhatsApp.

How to send messages without typing:

Step 1: Google Assistant has to be installed on your phone if you are not lucky to have it on your phone by just saying “Hey Google” or “Okay Google.” On your Android phone or tablet, you can also touch and hold the Home button to activate Google Assistant when you already have it.

Step 2: Once you install it, tap on the “open” button and say “Hey Google”.

Step 3: The digital Assistant will respond to you. You can then say “Send Whatsapp message” to the name of the contact you want to send messages to.

Step 4: You’ll be asked about what should be mentioned in the message.

Step 5: The virtual assistant will then type and show the message. The assistant will say the message is ready to send. So after that, you just need to say “Okay, send it.” Your message will then be delivered. The second time, the assistant might directly send the message.


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