June 3, 2023

About Us

About Us

Smartandstuck.com is an online news blog that has the single purpose of providing authentic news stories to readers and help them get accurate stories on the go. A lot of online readers want to know more about us thus Smartandstuck.com. Our main focus is on Technological news. We live in a global village where people are craving for updates in the world of technology everyday. But not to say we do not cover on other stories as well. Some of the minor stories we write on our blog are politics, relationship and how to manage your date, Lifestyle and self improvement, sports and entertainment.

Our website is one of best in Ghana and has volunteers who have joined forces to provide verified and real time stories to debunk fake ones.

Smartandstuck.com has a responsive theme that makes it very easy for readers to navigate to their preferred page and stories on the site. Smartandstuck.com can be opened on mobile devices, laptops, desktops and tablets.

We are still growing this information and can be updated at anytime. To know more about s, visit our website and go through the interesting stories we have for you.