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Privacy Policy

At Smartandstuck.com, we have our own privacy policy on how we collect and manage data from users. We divide the data we collect into different sections. Thus, the data you provide us, the data we automatically collect, the data we take from other sources, and the data we get when you visit our website.

Your privacy is our top priority, and we seek to protect the information you give us. Our Privacy Policy explains how we use the information we gather from users, the importance of the information to us (Smartandstuck.com), and the premise that we may disclose data gathered to third parties.


The website (Smartandstuck.com) does not collect essential data but information gathered by browsers and servers, which may include the browser type users mostly use, preferred language, content type, date, and time users most frequently visit.

Such valuable information gives us a general idea of user preferences and thus enables us to provide services that suit the needs of our users. It also helps Smartandstuck.com fall in line with the contents recommended by GDPR as requirements.

Personal Information

Users of other websites choose to interact with Smartandstuck.com, and it requires that we gather data on such users to easily track them when they need to be. Security We always want to have a safe environment for our users, and we care more about your security than anything else.

However, we advise visitors to be cautious about the kind of information they give out because there can never be a 100% secured internet space. We are doing everything within our means to protect our users, but we cannot assure 100% security.


Smartandstuck.om has ad partners who display advertising content on the portal. They may set cookies. These “cookies” identify your browser and collect data about your use of the site as well as other visitors’.

And based on your preferred search on the web, we will provide you with advertising content that suits your taste.

External website links

Contents on our website may contain links to external web portals that we do not have any control over. And with such third-party links, we advise users to review their terms of service and privacy policy before they engage with them.

https://Smartandstuck.com/ uses Google AdSense for revenue generation. Ads based on user visits are delivered by Google using cookies. Information gathered about our users is used based on our privacy policy and Google’s privacy policy. You gave Google all the rights to choose how it advertises.

You can cancel ads from showing when you visit the site or opt out of ad contents in your cookie settings.


Smartandstuck may collect statistics about their users based on their behavior on the website. Smartandstuck may either display this data publicly or share it with others. However, we will not, under any circumstances, provide your personally identifiable information.


Smart and Stuck uses cookies and services provided by our partners to display contents, advertisements, and keep information about your preferences, which are all stored for a good user experience on the website.

Cookies help the website track visitors, how they use it, and their preferences, such as the contents they are most likely to read and the advertising contents they most likely click on. It helps us serve you better.

Visitors of Smartandstuck.com who do not like cookies on their digital devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers, should disable cookie settings on their browsers before visiting the website.

Disabling the use of cookies will make some features not function accurately. By continuing to use this website without altering your cookie settings, you consent to the usage of cookies.

Revisions to the Privacy Policy

The privacy policy of Smartandstuck.com is subject to modification at any time. It is advised that users refer to the privacy policy page in order to stay updated on the latest information regarding our terms of use and any modifications made to our privacy policy..