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Cryptocurrency The Future And Its Importance

Cryptocurrency can be described as a digital currency that is managed through the encryption of advanced techniques known as cryptography

Cryptocurrency The Future And Its Importance

Cryptocurrency can be described as a digital currency that is managed through the encryption of advanced techniques known as cryptography. Crypto is digital money.

It uses blockchain technology and it is considered secure because it is capable of establishing distributed consensus. When you transfer funds in Cryptocurrency, the transactions are recorded in a ledger. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets.

Though, there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the system, Bitcoin is the preferred one for most traders due to many factors. Cryptocurrency is of the newest and interesting asset classes available for investors to reap benefits on their income.

However, when investing in cryptocurrency, do not invest more than you wish to lose because it does not have a centralized system of operation where you can seek redress on issues of misunderstanding or

take legal action against. You can invest crypto coins in companies which have a total focus on cryptocurrencies and it include mining companies, mining hardware makers such as Robinhood Markets, Inc etc.

The first cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin was founded in 2009. The main focus of people who trade in Crypto is to make profits.

Cryptocurrency The Future And Its Importance

Bitcoin Currency

Bitcoin is the first Cryptocurrency founded in 2009. Though there are a lot of cryptocurrencies in the system, Bitcoin is the preferred one for most traders. Bitcoin is digital money which you can buy, sell and exchange digital currency without any mediator like what we have at banks. 

Creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, had an idea to develop a digital currency that uses an electronic payment system called Cryptographic proof. 

Every Bitcoin transaction that has occurred exists on a public ledger. This makes it very easy for anyone to have access to it. Also, it makes transactions irreversible and difficult to fake. Looking at how Bitcoin is designed, the

coin is not backed by the government or any issuing institution. This makes it very difficult to guarantee the coin’s value because of its volatility despite the trust in the system that the coin is valuable. 

Since its launch in 2009, the coin has risen in value to a high percentage. At first, one Bitcoin was sold for $150 as of October 26, 2021. Today one Bitcoin is $66,32.01. Bitcoin is limited to 21 million coins. This has raised

the expectations of many that the price keeps rising as time goes on as more institutions invest in the coin and treat it as a digital gold to offset the risk associated with inflation. 

Digital Coin

Digital Coin is more unless referred to as Digital Money. Digital Coin or Money is any form of money

that exists in an electronic form. If they do not have physical attributes and are available only in digital format. This means

it lacks a tangible form such as Bills or cheques. Digital Coin is transferred using electronic codes in computers. 

Digital Coin or money is transferred and can be exchanged with technologies such as Visa cards, credit

cards and online Cryptocurrency exchanges. Digital Coins, money or currencies can be used to purchase goods and

services just like physical money. Just as it can be used to purchase goods and services, it can also be restricted online in the pitches of goods and services such as gambling portals, gaming sites etc. 

Digital Coin can be also used to transact business instantly. Such transactions can happen across borders. For example, a United States of America citizen wants to taste a local dish from South Africa because her wife is a South

African and for that he goes online to search for local dishes in South Africa and make payments. The US citizen will be given a deadline for the food item. 

The Future Of Cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency The Future And Its Importance

For the past few months, the cryptocurrency space has transformed beyond expectations. Its growth has been very fast with a clear direction for the future. The growth of the cryptocurrency industry has drawn attention to its footprint.

Dogecoin, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency are mined to solve complex mathematical puzzles. There has been some predictions that Bitcoin will face some challenges.

It has also been speculated that state-issued coins will start to compete with cryptocurrencies. This is because many countries around the globe are taking trials of their Central Bank Digital Currencies. This year will be a tough one for the cryptocurrency market.

Despite all the challenges the cryptocurrency market will face, experts have estimated that the market will grow more than triple. Crypto will be valued at $5billion in 2030. This is because cryptocurrency will in the near future become the largest source of transaction.

Upcoming Crypto Coins Cryptocurrency The Future And Its Importance

Trading in Crypto coins is not as easy as you might perceive. You need to have some knowledge to go about the cryptocurrency market. A lot of people have been successful with crypto coins and a lot have failed as well. This chapter will highlight some new crypto coins that can take advantage of and trade to make profits on your investment.


Binance Coin: Binance Coin (BNB) is a cryptocurrency exchange with more than 100 million traders in its space. It’s a native cryptocurrency. Since its launch, its growth has been steady hitting 10,000%. And for an investment of $1000 in 2017 will be more than $100,000 as of today. The main use of Binance BNB is to allow Binance traders to reduce their commission.

Shiba Inu: This is one of the newest and most popular cryptocurrency. Shiba Inu was launched in 2020 and it is a meme coin. Since its launch in August, the coin has grown to a multi-billion asset. The value of one Shiba Inu token has reached over 70 million percent. So in estimation an investment of $200 could afford you 10 million tokens.