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Ohio Pastor Facing Criminal Charges After Providing Shelter For Homeless People 

Ohio Pastor Facing Criminal Charges After Providing Shelter For Homeless People 

A Pastor has been slapped with criminal charges after he accommodated some underprivileged people in his place of worship and provided them a place of comfort to lay their heads.

Ohio Police in Bryan filed 18 charges against Chris Avell, the man of God at Dad’s Place indicating violations he has committed at his rented place of worship.

According to allegations leveled against Pastor Chris, the rented place of worship lacks proper kitchen, laundry facility, safe exits and adequate ventilation as required. According to the charges, the pastor’s act of kindness has led to serious safety and owning violations.

Avell in his defense pleaded not guilty to the 18 charges against. His Church has sued Bryan Government in federal court on Monday, emphasizing the city has trampled on the pastor’s constitutional right to freedom.

Dad’s Place, where Avell has been Pastor since 2018, is a small place that receives a number of people at night  depending on how cold it is. Apart from church services, the church websites advertises free dinner and movies for people.

Guests who sleep overnight are sometimes people who were turned away from shelter or people who have been dropped off by police.

Avell began keeping his floors open 24hrs a day sometime last years.year’s. And according to the police it was this same time it started receiving complaints of inappropriate activities at the location.

The police department revealed it received complaints last November about people unlawfully living at the location. The building is located on Bryan’s Main Street. It is in the Central business district but not zoned for residential usage on the first floor, according to a statement from the city’s police chief.

Police Chief Gregory Ruskey said it first reached out to educate  the property owner,  and tenant and to correct fire code violations at the location.

Avell has alleged that officers are harassing and intimidating them despite him trying to address complaints brought against him.

Attorney for Avell and the Church,  Jeremy Dys, has said he suspects the City leaders do not want the church to discharge its heavenly duty of saving lost souls in a way of providing shelter and food for such people.

“Nothing satisfies the city”, a state that from Dys after a lawsuit was filed on Monday against the city.

mayor, Carrie Schlade, and other municipal officials who are defendants in the law suit by the church has deny allegations of inappropriate treatment against any religious institution.

The church wants a federal Jude to restrict the government from interfering the activities of church thereby allowing the church to have it rights and freedom to worship and also restrain government hositility against the church.

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