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Reach on Facebook is one important factor to get your brand known by many people.


Reach on Facebook is one important factor to get your brand known by many people. It is true we want our posts to reach as many people as possible. It is possible to grow your reach on the digital space and it is an important social media KPIs to measure the success and engagement of your posts. Facebook gives different options to reach a target audience. 


Every marketer will like to reach the right audience to make good sales. The write-up will explain the meaning of Facebook reach, types of Facebook reach, three proven methods to boost your Facebook reach.

 What is Facebook Reach?

Facebook Reach is the number of people who have seen your posts within a speculated space of time. Reach is a unique number of people who viewed your content. It is also called a unique impression. That is the number of impressions your posts generate for viewership. This affects every other metric you want to track such as engagement, likes, comments, clicks and feedback. The reach can be calculated based on daily, weekly and monthly metrics. 

What are the types of Facebook reach? 

You need to understand the different types of Facebook reach and how it is calculated to have a fair idea about how your contents are performing. 

Post Reach is the number of people who saw your contents from your page in their Facebook news feed

Page Reach; this is how people had any of your contents enter their feed.

These types can further be divided into three (3) categories:

Facebook Organic Reach

Organic reach on Facebook means the number of people who get to your content through unpaid distribution. In this instance you do not promote your content through sponsored ads or influencers but people get to see your contents.

And this includes people who see your posts in their News Feed or visit your page. Organic reach does not have a target audience thus, through organic reach, anyone can see your content. Also, each social media network has its algorithms system which determines how organic content is shared.

Facebook viral reach

Your posts might go viral and this will make a hit on Facebook. Facebook viral reach explains how many people saw your content because people engaged with it through likes, comments and shares. With this kind of reach, you might have a few number of likes and followers on Facebook but with some of your contents, you reach more people than people following your page.

And this might be due to reasons that your content went viral for others who have not liked or followed your page to see it and also react. This is one of the best ways to get more viewership and following. Getting your posts to go viral can be a blessing in disguise because it sometimes helps to even strike a deal and connect people to your brand.

Facebook Ad Reach

This reach comes with the number of people who get to your content through paid distribution. In this instance you have to promote your content through sponsored ads or influencers for people to see your content.

This type of reach involves investing money to promote your content to reach your target audience. You need to plan on your budget, your audience and the desired outcome. Planning on your budget is very important because you need to define the audience you want to reach. Facebook advertisements connect your posts to the audience you have selected your contents to be shown to. You have to be critical with the specific audience you want to connect with.

Your audience should be your prime focus when promoting your content on Facebook so you do not unnecessarily make losses. In the ad promotion, you will be given the opportunity to select your audience and so you need to have the category of people in mind and select to reach the kind of people you want to reach for the desired outcome.

3 proven methods to boost your Facebook reach

DEVELOP A PLAN/STRATEGY: Take time to plan your social media contents. To get your posts performing extremely well on social media, you have to put some thought into it. You should not just be naïve when it comes to social media posts and also avoid trying to peep on other pages and copy contents performing well in order for your page to rank.

It does not help. Know your audience thus having insight about the kind of people you want to reach and segregate them into demographics. You should also know what they are interested in and that will alert you on the kind of content you need to create for them. But to do all these you need to have access to the insight of your audience on social media. How do you go about this? A lot of social media platforms offer insights through their native analytics tools. Having such insights, you get to appreciate your audience and their preference. This will inform you on the kind of contents you have to post for their consumption.

Knowing the preference of your audience should not be a yardstick to be a one-sided brand thus sharing a particular post all the time. Build your brand and make it a target to reach more audiences by creating interesting and captivating posts for a greater good. Therefore, measure your success with growth and interaction metrics.

QUALITY CONTENT: After getting to know your audience and their preferred content, strive to post high quality content of your own. Such contents are highly viewe, important and it helps to reach a lot of people. Take for instance a brand like Samsung mobile which does not give specifications about their mobile devices but are only interested in creating funny jokes for its audiences.

Giving specifications about the devices such as the quality of the latest updates and functions of the Samsung brands generates interest and helps to reach high organic traffic. Do not take your audiences as passive ones. It is the same with the content you try to create about your brand. Do not relent on giving your audience their preferred content but losing focus on sending home the values and principles of your brand can be suicidal.

In this manner, consider quality in adding value to your audience and giving them content they actually want and need. You can do this by conducting surveys through Facebook polls, Instagram or Twitter polls and get to know what your audience are struggling with and what they prefer seeing on your social media network. With this, you can create your contents in a well-tailored manner to reach the greater part of your audience.   

CONSISTENCY: Knowing your audience and developing high quality contents should be backed by being consistent with the posts on your social media network.  Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other social media network you want to reach high organic traffic, never back down on feeding your audience with information that will always ring in their minds.

Your posting frequency should always be on form. This will prompt your audience about your seriousness and uniqueness in your field of delivery. We are sometimes hit with life challenges each and every day but do not let it get into your field of work if you want high organic reach. This is because the moment you become inconsistent, you will not be taken seriously by your audience who will perceive you as someone who does not know what he or she is about.

Your post will not reach the high audience you may want because your audience will lose interest in your posts which sometimes come once in a month. Therefore, it is important to post regularly and at the right time. Know when your audience is online to best deliver your contents to them. To maintain your presence on the social media network and get high audience reach, you need to post consistently.

Have a long term plan for your social media network. In this case, you develop content themes, a recurring series of well researched articles that hovers around your audience interest and scripted contents you have written down.