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Who Is an SEO Content Writer? How To Become One.  

SEO Content Writer writes content not copied and with the right keywords and keyphrases

Who Is an SEO Content Writer? How To Become One.  

A writer for a content is someone who writes on a particular subject matter. Such could be politics, sports, entertainment, education and what have views. SEO Content Writer writes content not copied and with the right keywords and keyphrases. Such contents are worked on for it to rank high on Google and other search engines.

Those who work on your site for your stories to rank high in Google searches are called SEO experts. They put in much effort for your website to have value in the site of search engines. And so they tell you how to go about your writing. Such as do not copy and paste if you want the site to increase in Domain Authority, Page Authority, Alexa global ranking. 

In today’s world, practical skills like content writing continue to be on demand and SEO content writers are most sought after. 

What Does An SEO Content Writer Do?

SEO Content Writer writes quality contents for publication. Such contents are devoid of plagiarism. Such writers generate different types of written materials on different subject lines that are used for Search Engine Optimization. Content writers are flexible in the writing and their purpose is to catch the attention of the reader. As content writer you should be proactive with your contents. 

A Content writer does not stick to one way of writing nor does such a person remain stagnant on one category of article writing. For instance, a content writer who writes on Tech news. For such a person his focus is only on Tech news.

But with an SEO Content Writer, the person has the ability to adapt to every category of article writing at any given

point in time. Such writers are like chameleons able to take different styles to bring out the best of any content they are creating in a day. And so an SEO Content Writer can decide to create articles on Business stories for today and on Sports tomorrow. 

Content writers have a lot of work in writing contents but they need to have some technical skills such as

how to distribute content on social media, how to work on SEO tools to increase organic traffic, CRMs and customer data. 

Duties Of A Content Writer 

The following points I have listed below are some duties of a content writer. 


  • Be able to produce well-research content for publication 


  • Organizing writing schedules to meet deadlines on specific dates and contents has to be ready. 


  • Be able to work with your team members to bring the best out of all your contents. You need to be able communicate well with editors, and web publishers


  • Be able to use search engine tools in writing contents.


  • Be able to write freely and proofread written articles 


  • Become a guest blogger to be able to promote your contents and prove yourself to be an expert in a given field. 


The stated points are a yardstick to some responsibilities of a content writer and that means the earlier stated points are not absolute. There may be other responsibilities a content writer may be tasked to do depending on the job description of a content writer of a business company.

 In some job specification a content writer has editors they need to submit their contents to for editing and proofreading. However, other job specifications make it clear to content writers to produce their own content and edit it themselves. My next point talks about how to become a content writer and that’s where most readers will like to find information from. Without wasting time let’s dig into it. 

How To Become An SEO Content Writer 

A lot of questions come to mind when the topic of who an SEO Content Writer is. SEO writing for beginners may seem very difficult for beginners and you may give up if you do not have the courage. I am not an exception. I started writing and it seemed too difficult for me but I later realized it was not as difficult as I imagined.

But let me ask you. Do you need a professional certificate to become an SEO Content Writer? The answer from me is No. It is good that you acquire some skills and in every profession you need a coach. I believe in that but it should not be the marking scheme for everyone who wants to join. 

I believe the best way to become an SEO Content Writer is to start writing. When I say start writing I don’t mean write anything you like. Pick a topic you are passionate about and start developing your skills through writing. Your passion might be discussing some causes of food poisoning which is categorized under Health. You can start writing in that focus 

Nothing should hinder your ability. 

Also build your brand on social media. Let people know what you do for yourself. You can start by creating an account and you can constantly post your stuff. Create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram ads about your accounts and contents. In doing so, the world will get to know about your skills.

And for that, those who are in love with your contents will start following you for more updates. Your social media presence will generate views, open doors of opportunities to feature other posts on your pages or accounts and that will put good money in your pockets. 

Understand your field and do not deviate from it. This is because people will know you by what you do. A lot of content writers after developing themselves have not stuck to their passion for writing contents. One thing you should note is that you cannot be Jack of all traits. You cannot write on all subject areas. Identify your passion on any topic area you want to start and keep writing to better your skills. 

The Bottom Line 

The piece has given details on how to become an SEO Content Writer and it is left for you to develop your skills to be able to rub shoulders with experienced writers. You can start writing on your own or for someone but have a clear plan for your skills. Know that you’re only identified by what you tell people about yourself. If you let people know about your worth, you do not need anyone to describe you to others.